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Aarons caravan automatic hydraulic levelling system

Posted on 24 June 2021
Aarons caravan automatic hydraulic levelling system


Concept Innovation 670 caravan


Automatically level the caravan with the press of a button


2 weeks


  • Redfoot Elite electric over hydraulic auto levelling kit

Description of work completed

Aaron approached us with the task of making his caravan capable of levelling itself at the push of a button. Redfoot are one of the only companies with a system like this available. Unfortunately this particular systems is made for motorhomes, which in turn means the hydraulic rams need to be mounted vertically. With the rams mounted vertically, we would loose our approach and departure angles of the van thus limiting accessibility to camping spots. The task in front of us was to create a way to swivel and lock the ram horizontally while travelling and to be able to drop & lock the ram in position when at the desired spot. This mechanism needed to rotate seamlessly and be capable of having a load rating of 3170kg. We called upon our good friends at Reid Engineering to make us some custom bearing swivel brackets with the mentioned capabilities

Special Thanks

Reid Engineering, Titan RV

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